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Support of automated production, optimization of production, process development.

Fields of activity

Our main activities are the on-site reparation, installation and general maintenance of automated industrial machines and equipment.

We perform the tasks on production lines which specialized to mass production. We are preparing to prevent and correct problems in the industry 4.0 systems. Error corrections, optimization and development of existing systems is also part of our portfolio.

Our vision is that full-time employment will be replaced by part-time job or project work. We provide support in case of in-time appeared tasks. Problem solving at the time and place of its occurrence (online-hotline).

In this way we save cost for our client since they do not have to hire experienced professionals (professional workers, technicians, engineers) in full-time and no need to calculate with high salary cost.

Instead, there is possibility to one-time or project-based contract.

Our services

Error correction and optimization of industrial production equipment

Occasional, emergency troubleshooting, even on weekends.

Development of industrial production processes, cycle time reduction ​

Production optimization as required.

Maintenance of production lines and equipment

Planned, error-preventing service based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Production line installation and movement of target machines

Layout design, layout modification and implementation.

Additional activities​

Industrial robot programming, welding, laser cutting, 3D printing, modeling.

Our scope of work covers the fields of engineering, technician, electronics and mechanical engineering, i.e. mechatronics.

Equipped with a quality set of tools, every day of the week, we also meet individual needs for on-site, contract work


Our mission

In addition to the increased demand for engineering and technical work, the company wants to satisfy the increased needs through a more modern, project-based work model.


We would like to partially replace the activities of production technologists, process engineers, production support engineers, service engineers, service technicians and colleagues working in other positions, or to replace them with a kind of part-time work, thereby reducing the costs of our clients and the workload of their employees.

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